Newly Adopted Ordinances

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All newly adopted City of Sausalito ordinances will appear in this location.  Once ordinances have been codified in the Municipal Code they will be removed. You can view the Sausalito Municipal Code online or in person at the Administration window.

Ordinance No. Adopted Date Description
1245 July 11, 2017 An Ordinance Of The City Of Sausalito Extending Interim
Urgency Ordinance No. 1239 Establishing A Moratorium On The
Issuance Of Occupancy Use Permits For Banks And Financial
Services, Retail Uses In The CR (Mixed Commercial And
Residential) Zone For A Period Of One Year
1246 November 28, 2017 Amending Sausalito Municipal Code Chapters 2.20 and 11.12 and deleting Chapter 2.30 in order to eliminate the trees and views committee and transfer duties of The Trees And Views Committee to the Planning Commission in addition to corrections for errors and to increased effectiveness
1247 December 12, 2017 Amending Sausalito Municipal Code Section 10.44.080, Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations, in Order to Bring the City’s Code into Compliance with Recent State Law (first read on 11/28/17)
 1248  November 28, 2017  An Urgency Ordinance Of The City Council Of The City Of Sausalito Establishing A 45-Day Ordinance To Amend Title 10 Of The Sausalito Municipal Code Deleting Section 10.44.320 And Adding Chapter 10.47 In Order To Establish Marijuana Regulation