Current Capital Projects

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Capital Improvement Projects Currently Underway in Sausalito

  • Dunphy Park Improvements Project: Expected to include but is not limited to: mobilization and demobilization, dust, noise and erosion control, tree protection, site preparation and demolition, staking, clearing and grubbing, shoreline restoration, earthwork, trenching, subgrade preparation, potable water systems, drainage systems, sanitary sewer systems, landscape stone masonry, site carpentry, concrete asphalt paving, permeable pavements, signage, bocce courts, a volleyball court, site furnishings, electrical work including new parking lot and pathway lighting, installation of pre-engineered restroom building, irrigation, planting, and planting establishment period. The Bid Documents contain the full description of the Project. Bids received in October 2017 were rejected and the City is in the process of value-engineering the Project to reduce costs while continuing to pursue the necessary permits from the Aquatic Resource Agencies as well as CalRecycle. Several grant applications have or will be submitted to attempt to increase the funding available for Project delivery. Notice inviting new bids is anticipated in January 2018.
  • SouthView Park Improvements Project: With Resolution No. 2017-22 of September 20, 2017, Sausalito's Planning Commission approved a Design Review Permit for improvements to Southview Park -- located between Third and Fourth Street. Staff is working with the design team to issue Notice Inviting Bids and supporting documents with the intent to begin construction in Spring 2018. 
  •  Napa Street Storm Drain Improvements: To reduce or eliminate stormwater flows that exceed the gutter capacity on the south side of Napa Street between Bonita and Caledonia, The City has prepared plans and specifications for this Project to be constructed later this winter. Notice Inviting Bids and supporting documents are expected to be issued in December 2017 with construction planned for January or February of 2018.
  • MLK Tennis Courts and Fields Renovation Project: Design of renovations to the existing tennis courts and playing fields at the MLK Park Campus is underway. Notice Inviting Bids and supporting plans and specifications are expected to be issued in January 2018 with construction to begin later in Spring 2018 and be completed by mid-Summer.
  • Calcadas Project: With action of June 20, 2017, the City Council authorized submittal of a Design Review application for the proposed Sausalito-Cascais Sister City Calcadas Project to improve the plaza between the Bank of America branch and Bridgeway at its intersection with Anchor Way. With Resolution No. 2017-14, the Planning Commission approved the permit and the Sister Cities organization is working with City Staff to schedule construction in early 2018.
  • Ice House Plaza: With Resolution No. 2016-09, the Sausalito Planning Commission and Historic Landmarks Board approved a Design Review permit for planned improvements to the Ice House Plaza at 780 Bridgeway. Resolution No. 2017-05 approved a Design Review permit for an amended plan. The Sausalito Historical Society, Sausalito Foundation and City Staff are collaborating on delivery of the Project in early 2018.
  • 2018 Streets Project: With Action during the course of its regular meeting of October 10, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 5668 amending the budget, appropriating additional funds from Senate Bill 1 and incorporating a list of streets to be repaired in fiscal year 2017-2018. With additional appropriations expected in fiscal year 2018-2019, the City is working with its design team to prepare and issue Notice Inviting Bids and supporting documents with the objective of awarding the 2018 Streets Improvement Project construction contract(s) and delivering that work in Spring and Summer 2018.

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