City Hall and the Sausalito Library will be closed on Monday, February 19, for Presidents' Day

Parking for Visitors

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About Parking for Visitors

  • A short list of general parking FAQs is provided below.
  • You may also be interested in descriptions of general parking regulations before you plan your visit to Sausalito
  • In-depth parking questions may be directed to the Sausalito Parking Authority at (415) 289-4170 or

General Parking FAQ

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  • I have to leave my car for an extend time, where do I park?

  • Where should I park my car overnight?

  • Where should I park my car during the day?

  • What does it cost to park on the street?

  • Can I park overnight at any of the City Parks?

  • What does it cost to park in a parking lot?

  • I have a bicycle, where do I park?

  • I have a boat/boat trailer, where do I park?

  • I have a large vehicle/recreational vehicle, where do I park?

  • I’m staying at a hotel downtown, where do I park?

  • I have a DP placard, or a DP/DV plate on my car, where do I park?

  • Can I pay for multiple days of parking in a parking lot?

  • What if the parking meter is broken, is it free parking?

  • How long can I leave my car parked in Sausalito?