Encroachment Permits

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About Encroachment Permits

  • Any work performed in the public right-of-way requires an encroachment permit
  • If you are unsure if you need to obtain an encroachment permit, please contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at (415) 289-4106 or publicworks@sausalito.gov
  • For encroachment permit fees, please consult City of Sausalito Fees and Charges

Encroachment Permit Application Forms

Encroachment Application Review Guidelines

  • Compatibility
    • Is the proposed encroachment compatible with the surrounding area?
    • Would the granting of the permit adversely affect the usability or enjoyment of adjoining parcels?
    • Would the encroachment create or extend an undesirable land use precedent?
    • Does the proposed encroachment conflict with the General Plan, adopted ordinance or any precise plan of the City of Sausalito?
  • Need
    • Is the extent of the proposed encroachment justifiable?
  • Public Enjoyment
    • Would the proposed encroachment significantly diminish public enjoyment, either visual or physical, of the open space to be encroached upon?
    • Is the assignment of open space to private use and enjoyment justifiable in terms of public interest?
    • Could the value of the proposed improvements prejudice a policy decision to terminate the encroachments?
  • Circulation
    • Would the proposed encroachment adversely affect existing rights-of-way and preclude or make difficult the establishment or improvement of existing or potential streets or pedestrian ways?
    • Would the proposed encroachment adversely affect the existing circulation of vehicles or pedestrians?
  • Safety
    • Would granting of the encroachment application create or constitute a hazard to public safety?

Regulations for Working in Sausalito Streets

Projects Requiring Review by the Planning Commission and Approval by the City Council

  • stairs not on grade, signs, awnings,
  • landscaping [staff review permitted]
  • driveways (cut or fill more than 6') [staff review permitted]
  • garages
  • fences
  • buildings (structural)
  • dwelling units
  • parking spaces
  • Design Review will be required for significant visual projects


  • Any questions about encroachment permits may be directed to the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at (415) 289-4106 or publicworks@sausalito.gov
  • Please see our staff directory for the contact information of individual staff members