Street Sweeping

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Sausalito streets are swept on a regular schedule, with most streets swept on a monthly basis. Look for your street in the following table to find out the day and week when your street is scheduled to be swept. Please try to minimize on-street parking on your day to maximize the effectiveness of the street sweeping program. Any questions about street sweeping may be directed to (415) 289-4106 or

Name of Street Sweeping Schedule
Alexander  Weekly
Arana Wednesday Week 1
Bee Wednesday Week 3
Bonita  Wednesday Week 3
Bridgeway  Daily from Easterby to Richardson, otherwise Thursdays
Butte  Wednesday Week 4
Caledonia  Daily
Cazneau - Glen to Glen Monday Week 2
Cazneau - Marie to Platt  Monday Week 1
Cazneau - Platt to Glenn  Wednesday Week 1
Central   Monday Week 4
Channing   Monday Week 3 
Cloud View   Monday Week 3
Coloma-East of Bridgeway Weekly
Coloma-West of Bridgeway  Wednesday Week 4
Crecienta Monday Week 1 
Crescent Monday Week 4 
Currey  Monday Week 1 
Cypress  Wednesday Week 4 
Easterby   Wednesday Week 3 
Ebbtide   Wednesday Week 2 
Eden Rock  Wednesday Week 2 
Edwards   Monday Week 4
Filbert   Monday Week 2 
Fourth   Wednesday Week 3 
Gate 5  Weekly 
Georgia   Monday Week 1 
Glen  Monday Week 2 
Gordon   Wednesday Week 3 
Harbor   Weekly 
Harrison  Monday Week 2 
Hi Vista  Monday Week 4 
Kendall  Wednesday Week 1 
Litho   Wednesday Week 3 
Locust   Wednesday Week 3 
Lower Crescent   Monday Week 4 
Main   Monday Week 4 
Marie  Wednesday Week 1
Marin  Wednesday Week 1 
Marinship  Weekly 
Marion  Monday Week 4 
Miller  Monday Week 3 
Monte Mar  Monday Week 1 
Napa   Wednesday Week 3 
Nevada   Wednesday Week 4 
Olima   Wednesday Week 2
Pearl   Wednesday Week 3 
Pine   Wednesday Week 3 
Platt   Monday Week 1 
Princess   Monday Week 2 
Prospect   Monday Week 3 
Road 3   Weekly 
Ross Wednesday Week 2
Sacramento  Wednesday Week 4
San Carlos-Bridgeway to Harrison  Monday Week 3
San Carlos-Harrison to Santa Rosa (North) Monday Week 2
San Carlos-Santa Rosa to Harrison (South) Monday Week 3
Santa Rosa Monday Week 2
Sausalito Monday Week 4
Spencer Monday Week 3
Spring Wednesday Week 3
Stanford Wednesday Week 2
Sunshine   Monday Week 3  
Third   Monday Week 4 
Tomales  Wednesday Week 4 
Turney   Wednesday Week 3
West   Wednesday  
Woodward   Wednesday Week 1 
Wray Monday Week 1