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About Special Events in Sausalito

The City of Sausalito has a vibrant history of special events going back over 40 years.  Our events include:

Please contact Julie Myers, Recreation Supervisor Special Events, with any comments or questions: or (415) 289-4198 

Parks and Recreation Calendar and FAQ

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga emphasizes gently opening and benefiting the tissues, ligaments, fascia, joints, and bones. It also works on the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves, and blood system, opening up a potent meditative awareness of breath, deep listening and witnessing of sensation through longer, passive holds. 90 % of the poses are on the floor. We use multiple props, come into a position, find our edge, become still and hold for time. The goal is to still the body and the mind. Soothing music is played during the class. There is also some brief meditation, visualization and the use of a crystal bowl and essential oils. All levels welcome.


Drop-In: $18 (resident); $20 (non-resident)

5-visit pass: $80 (resident); $90 (non-resident)

10-visit pass: $120 (resident); $140 (non-resident)



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