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  • Gravity is a Law in the Material World, Levitation is a Law in the Spiritual World

    Tiffany Park
    1. Address:315 Bridgeway
      Sausalito, CA 94965
    1. Art Structure
    1. Public Art

"Gravity is a Law in the Material Word, Levitation is a Law in the Spiritual World" is an art installation in Sausalito's Tiffany Park, near the corner of Bridgeway and Richardson. The piece was created by artist Tim Collins.

In 1990, Collins was commissioned to create “Gravity…” by a local non-profit organization no longer in existence.  The resulting structure, subsequently gifted to the City, serves as an undeclared memorial to those who have died.  According to the artist, “Gravity…” offers an “ethereal, experiential phenomenon more spirit than matter.”  White interior walls project a shadow form of water dripping into water, which is then projected onto the floor of the building.  From here, concentric shadow-circles slowly move from the floor and up the walls, dissipating into the light that washes the ceiling. 

 The piece was restored in 2016 with funding from the Sausalito Woman's Club.


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