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Update on Park Improvement Projects

Post Date:02/23/2018 3:00 PM
In November 2015, Sausalito voters approved Measure F, which provided financing for much-needed upgrades to Robin Sweeny Park, Dunphy Park, Southview Park, and the City's MLK property. Robin Sweeny Park improvements were completed in July of 2016. Below is a status update on the remaining three improvement projects. Any questions about park improvements may be directed to Public Works Director Jonathon Goldman at or Parks and Recreation Director Mike Langford at

Dunphy Park Improvement Project
Bids received in October 2017 for the Dunphy Park Improvement Project exceeded estimates, so the City Council directed City staff to identify cost savings in the project plans and attempt to find additional sources of funding for the project.

Since then, the City's design team (consisting of City staff and consultants from RHAA of Mill Valley and Sherwood Civil Design of Petaluma) has met several times, including two meetings with local construction contractors, to perform what is referred to as "value engineering" to reduce the cost of the project. The design team's revised, value-engineered plan for Dunphy Park reduces costs by:
  • Reducing the scope of construction of the Dunphy Park parking lot by removing the porous pavement and related subdrainage elements
  • Combining all of the demolition, excavation, underground infrastructure installation, grading, and paving elements of the parking lot into one base contract
  • Breaking out the pre-engineered restroom into another separate contract
  • Splitting the landscape construction portion of the project (including irrigation system installation, plant material acquisition and installation, and related elements) into a third separate contract
New construction cost estimates for all three contracts are in preparation. Splitting the project into multiple contracts should save money by attracting specialist bidders to those portions of the project. The City expects to post a notice inviting bids for the first of the value-engineered construction contracts in March 2018, with award of the contract possible as early as April 2018.

The City has also applied for two grants, one under the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (established by Congress in 1964) and the other under CalRecycle's Legacy Disposal Site Abatement Partial Grant Program. These grant applications are in addition to grants applied for by the Conservation Corps North Bay. Additional funding for the project is also available from the Galilee Harbor Community Association.

Southview Park Improvement Project
City contractor CSW/Stuber-Stroeh Engineering Group, Inc. is currently preparing the plans and specifications necessary for City staff to issue a notice inviting bids for construction of the Southview Park Improvement Project. City staff expect to issue the notice by the end of March 2018, with the hope that the City Council will be able to award the construction contract by the end of April 2018. Construction will likely take sixty days. The designs for the project were created by SWA Group of Sausalito and approved by the Planning Commission in September 2017.

MLK Park Improvement Project
The first stage in the improvement of the sports facilities at MLK Park will be the reconstruction of the tennis courts. The City engaged the engineering firm Parisi CSW Design Group to design the tennis court improvements, with the intent of advertising the project in mid-to-late March 2018. The planned improvements to the tennis courts will include:
  • The removal of the paving of the existing tennis courts along a portion of the perimeter to allow for the removal of tree roots to a depth of approximately twelve inches, then re-compacting the sub-base and replacing that portion of the paving
  • In the area of the tennis courts not to be entirely removed, grinding off the top two inches of the existing surfacing
  • Installation of an appropriate geotextile to reinforce the entire court area and re-topping of the courts with new hot-mix asphaltic concrete
  • Improving accessibility to the courts with a new van-accessible parking space on Coloma Street, a new path along the eastern edge of the courts, and a ramp to the MLK parking lot
  • Re-installation and repair of fencing, as warranted
The surviving Monterey Pines along the eastern side of the tennis courts will be removed as part of the project. An arborist has determined that if the trees are not removed, major anchoring roots close to the base of the trees would have to be cut during construction, causing substantial adverse impacts to their health and stability. Once the tennis court rehabilitation has been completed, City staff will develop and implement additional landscaping improvements. 
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