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Be a Good Neighbor: Help Each Other Prepare for a Disaster

Post Date:11/30/2018 2:30 PM

Preparing for and responding to a disaster begins with preparing yourself and your family. However, there are limits to what an individual or family can do. When a large disaster strikes and the City of Sausalito's emergency services workers are overwhelmed with calls for service, the first people you will turn to for help will be your neighbors. It is of vital importance that you build good relationships with your neighbors and help each other prepare before a disaster strikes. Here are some tips to help guide you and your neighbors in your preparedness efforts:
  • Introduce yourself and get to know your neighbors individually.
  • Set up a meeting with your neighbors to discuss the importance of working together to prepare for emergencies.
  • Share information with your neighbors, such as earthquake preparedness tips and recommended supply lists.
  • Discuss and develop emergency plans with your neighbors for meeting places, methods of communication, and ways to work together in the event of a disaster.
  • Share resource ideas for food storage, water, first aid kits, and 72-hour portable emergency kits.
  • If your neighbors are willing to share personal information, collect and distribute a list with your names, addresses, phone numbers, and any special needs. If possible, inventory and include on this list the skills and equipment of neighbors that could be useful in an emergency (e.g. those with medical training, those with experience with electrical systems, and those who own chain saws, crowbars, water purifiers etc.).
  • Encourage your neighbors to join you in obtaining emergency training such as CPR, First Aid, or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). You and your neighbors can receive training from the American Red Cross and the Southern Marin Fire Protection District.
The City of Sausalito and the City's Community Safety/Disaster Preparedness Committee encourage neighbors to work together to prepare for disasters. Sausalito Police officers are available to meet with you and your neighbors to discuss the importance of disaster preparation and give advice during your organizational efforts. For additional disaster preparedness information or to set up a neighborhood meeting, please contact Sergeant Brandon Rodgers at (415) 289-4179 or

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