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Visioning Workshop for the Marinship on September 7

Post Date:08/16/2019 4:00 PM

Marinship Workshop

The City of Sausalito invites community members to a Marinship Visioning Workshop to register the community's collective vision for the future of the Marinship district. The workshop will be held at the Spinnaker Restaurant (100 Spinnaker Drive) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 7. This workshop is part of Sausalito's General Plan Update process. As the City updates its 1995 General Plan, it is asking Sausalitans to provide their vision of our future. No experience is necessary to participate in the Marinship workshop, and all voices are welcome.

Watch a short video about the General Plan Update and the Marinship

"Updating our General Plan is probably one of the most important tasks the City Council will undertake in the foreseeable future because we are creating a blueprint for the City for the next 20 years," said Joan Cox, City Council member and chair of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). Bill Werner, GPAC vice-chair, noted that the workshop is an opportunity for attendees to think about what the City values and how its neighborhoods make it special.

Cox and Werner are two of 13 Sausalitans who serve on the GPAC. Since 2017, the committee has been meeting regularly to discuss issues related to the update process. The updated General Plan will reflect the community's long-term goals for Sausalito, particularly in light of emerging issues as diverse as the changing nature of tourism and the impacts of sea level rise.

The four-hour workshop will include opportunities for participants to express ideas on how to enhance and protect Sausalito's vibrant Marinship waterfront area while ensuring its long-range environmental and economic sustainability. Activities will include a small group exercise and presentations by consulting team members to provide background on topics such as sea level rise, the Marinship's maritime industries, and the cultural history of the area. Also presented will be an economic analysis of the potential value that could be derived by adjusting the regulatory measures that currently guide development in the Marinship.

"The economic analysis is not the answer, but it is one lens to help highlight regulatory or zoning opportunities and tradeoffs that may help address issues of fiscal sustainability and infrastructure investment," said Ashleigh Kanat, a Principal at EPS who has been involved in the economic analysis informing the General Plan Update process. Kanat added, "The future of the Marinship must reflect the community's vision for this special area, building upon the waterfront setting, the rich history, the artist culture, the specialized maritime activities, and emerging opportunities."

Kanat added that the economic analysis "will help provide a framework for thinking about the tradeoffs the community will need to grapple with in developing a vision for the Marinship." This will be an important consideration, particularly in the context of developing City policies to mitigate the impacts of sea level rise.

At the workshop, attendees will work on a collaborative exercise and provide individual observations, all feeding into a community vision of what makes Sausalito — and particularly the Marinship — a unique place. "What would people call the soul of Sausalito, and is that important in the Marinship?" GPAC Vice Chair Werner asked. "Is it just another Sausalito neighborhood and should be treated that way? If not, what's there that makes it special?"

Emphasizing the City's goal of community turnout for the workshop, GPAC chair Cox noted, "With its significant historical value and rich diversity of uses, our Marinship is a treasure trove of possibilities, and we hope to attract a multitude of residents to participate in our September 7 workshop, where we will have the opportunity to brainstorm and create our best path forward."

For more information on the General Plan Update and the September 7 Marinship Workshop, please visit If you have any questions, please contact Community Development Department Director Lilly Whalen at or (415) 289-4133.


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