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Prevent Coyotes from Being Attracted to Your Home

Post Date:11/08/2019 2:15 PM

Coyotes have become an increasingly familiar presence in Sausalito. Project Coyote, a Larkspur-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting coexistence with coyotes, offers the following tips to prevent coyotes from being attracted to your home.
  • Don't feed or attempt to tame coyotes. Most coyotes fear people. However, coyotes that associate people with food may become habituated to our presence, thereby increasing the likelihood of coyote/human conflict.
  • Clean community areas after outdoor events like barbecues.
  • Never leave or store pet food outside.
  • Tightly secure garbage, recycling, and green bins.
  • When composting, use well-secured bins. Don't add meat, dairy, or eggs.
  • Keep fallen fruit off the ground. Coyotes eat fruit.
  • Keep birdseed off the ground; seeds attract rodents, which then attract coyotes. Remove feeders if coyotes are seen in your yard.
  • Trim under bushes so that a coyote can't find easy shelter.
  • Close off crawl spaces under porches and sheds.
  • Remove water sources, especially in times of drought.
  • If you frequently see a coyote in your yard, make loud noises with pots, pans, or air horns. Consider installing motion-activated lights or sprinklers, a rolling PVC top to your fence, and/or a nighttime animal deterrent system.

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