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Help Prevent Theft from Your Mailbox

Post Date:02/07/2020 3:40 PM

Mail thieves make occasional appearances in Sausalito. The thieves are looking for cash, checks, gift cards, account numbers, social security numbers, banking details, pay stubs, and identifying information like names and dates of birth. You can take steps to limit the likelihood that you will become a victim of mail theft by following these tips from the Sausalito Police Department:
  • Sign up to receive bills and statements electronically rather than through the mail. This will limit the amount of sensitive mail coming to your mailbox.
  • Purchase and install a mailbox with a locked compartment. Lockable mailboxes have a slot for delivery but require a key to remove mail.
  • Don't put outgoing mail in your mailbox. Instead, use a USPS blue mailbox, go to the post office, or hand your mail to your mail carrier.
  • Empty your mailbox every day. Allowing mail to accumulate increases the likelihood that thieves will find something valuable to them.
  • Use the USPS Hold Mail service when you will be away. The postal service can hold your mail safely at your local post office for up to 30 days. A forwarding service is available if you will be away for longer periods.
  • Sign up for Informed Delivery by USPS. Subscribers to the service receive an email every morning with digital images of the front side of letter-sized mail scheduled for delivery that day. Informed Delivery won't prevent theft, but you will know if a letter fails to arrive.
If you believe that your mail has been stolen, or if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call (415) 289-4170 to report it immediately. You should also connect with your neighbors in case they have also been victimized. Watching out for each other will help keep your neighborhood safe. 

Any questions about mail theft in Sausalito may be directed to Captain Bill Fraass at or (415) 289-4171.
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