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Downtown Report from the Sausalito Police Department for Saturday, May 23

Post Date:05/24/2020 10:00 AM

On Saturday, May 23, officers of the Sausalito Police Department actively patrolled the downtown area via vehicle, foot, and motorcycle, and were highly visible. Officers observed moderate vehicle, pedestrian, and recreational bicyclist traffic throughout the day, becoming a little heavier towards the end of the day.

The increase in visitors compared to the past few weekends was probably due to the excellent weather and recent modifications of public health orders to shelter-in-place. Municipal Parking Lot 1 filled up with vehicles during the day.

Municipal Parking Lot 2 was mostly empty throughout the day. Municipal Parking Lots 3 and 4 were not opened.

Officers observed individuals practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings, as applicable. Members of the public that visited Gabrielson Park used the newly placed social distancing circles to gather in small, family-sized groups. No tour buses or rental bicycles were observed.

The Sausalito Police Department received one shelter-in-place call for service regarding a restaurant that had chairs and tables set up outside that patrons getting take-out food were using to eat at and socialize. Officers contacted the restaurant, which had recently reopened, and provided information about the shelter-in-place order as it relates to restaurants. The restaurant immediately complied and removed the chairs and tables.

City ambassadors were stationed downtown throughout the day to provide guidance and passive education to the public regarding social distancing and face coverings.

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