City Hall from Back Parking Lot


About Sausalito's Boards and Commissions

  • The government of the City of Sausalito functions more efficiently and effectively thanks to nine standing boards and commissions staffed by citizen volunteers. Each board and commission has specific duties, as specified in the City of Sausalito Municipal Code or in the specific Resolution that established the body.
  • Board members and commissioners are appointed or confirmed by the City Council.   
  • In addition to the City's standing boards and commissions, Sausalito government also relies on City Council Special Committees and Task Forces.
  • Click on the name of a board or commission below for member rosters, meeting schedules, and archives of past meetings. The City Council encourages Sausalito residents to apply to serve on a board or commission; see also a list of real-time current vacancies.

List of Sausalito's Boards and Commissions

  • Economic Development Advisory Committee: Eleven-member committee tasked with evaluating the economy of Sausalito and promoting the economic health of the business community.
  • Community Safety/Disaster Preparedness Committee: Five-member committee established to improve disaster preparedness in Sausalito.
  • Historic Preservation Commission: Five-member board that reviews exterior renovation of historic structures and promotes the preservation of historic Sausalito sites, landmarks, documents, paintings, and objects.
  • Hospitality Business Development Committee: Six-member committee that promotes the hospitality and tourism industry in Sausalito 
  • Library Board of Trustees: Five-member board that reviews the administration of Library operations and sets Library policies.
  • Parks and Recreation Commission: Seven-member board that advises the City Council and City departments on parks, playgrounds, recreation programs, and public art.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee: Five-member board that provides recommendations to the City Council on issues related to bicycles and pedestrians in Sausalito.
  • Planning Commission: Five-member board that reviews applications for land use entitlements and design review as set forth in planning and zoning laws of the City and the state. The Planning Commission is currently also acting as the Trees and Views Committee.
  • Sustainability Commission: Seven-member board that advises the City on issues related to garbage, recycling, and environmental sustainability, and promotes community awareness of recycling and sustainability.
  • Inactive Boards and Commissions: Several boards and commissions are currently inactive, by action of the City Council. 
  • Special Committees and Task Forces: In addition to the City's standing boards and commissions, Sausalito government also relies on City Council special committees and task forces.