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The Role of the Economic Development Advisory Committee

  • Identify actions to promote the economic health of the business community while preserving our unique characteristics as a welcoming waterfront community
  • Promote the hospitality and tourism industry in Sausalito while fostering businesses that serve and enjoy the loyalty of our local and regional community
  • Identify programs, policies, and activities that can help the business community recover from the economic recession catalyzed by the COVID-19 shelter-in­-place (and future economic recessions)
  • Pursue new and diversified businesses leveraging our maritime and industrial expertise, including the use of an innovation zone, to address climate change challenges such as sea level rise
  • Perform other duties as requested by the City Council or as considered advisable by the Committee and approved by the City Council.


  • All meetings of the Economic Development Advisory Committee are open to the public
  • Meeting times and agendas may be viewed on the meetings and agendas page 


  • Members are appointed by the City Council
  • The City Council encourages residents to apply to serve on the Economic Development Advisory Committee; if interested, please fill out an application form
  • The term length is three years, with a maximum of two terms
  • A member may continue to serve after her or his term expires, until a new member is appointed


  • The staff liaison is Yulia Carter, Assistant City Manager and Administrative Services Director, or (415) 289-4105


  • To send an email message to all committee members, use this email address:
  • If you have any questions about the Economic Development Advisory Committee or an item under consideration, please contact Yulia Carter at (415) 289-4105 or