Strategic Plan

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2018-2020 Strategic Plan Update

The Biennial Strategic Resources Allocation and annual Budget processes include a review of the Strategic Plan and department goals. The financial resources are designed to implement the goals and objectives of the City Council as reflected in the Strategic Plan and to maintain the high standards of service expected by the citizens of Sausalito. The current Strategic Plan is included in the FY2016-17 Budget document. The City of Sausalito Strategic Plan reinforces the City’s Mission and Vision Values and defines goals that support while embracing the Core Values.

The Strategic Plan originally crafted in 2014 focused on the City’s efforts to update its General Plan and infrastructure. The larger cycle includes three two-year component plans to span the six-years; the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan Update will comprise the final two-year plan of this cycle. The City will begin a more intensive update of the Strategic Plan to coincide with the updated General Plan implementation beginning in 2020, aligning the Capital Improvement Plan and long-term fiscal strategies as well.

The City of Sausalito serves those who live and work in the City by fostering new opportunities for improving the quality of life in its unique waterfront community.

Sausalito will bring together its residents, commerce and visitors to create a thriving, safe, friendly community that cultivates its natural beauty, history, the arts and waterfront culture.

The City of Sausalito values (not in priority order)…
• Innovation, creativity and informed risk taking
• Honest and open government
• Creating an environment where people excel to their full potential
• Professionalism
• A sense of community
• Quality public service
• Espirit de corps

1. Utilize long-range comprehensive planning, including land use and transportation, to balance the community's character and diversity with its evolving needs.
2. Increase community involvement in City governance and decision-making through communication and technology.

3. Fiscal resiliency
4. Improve and continue to maintain the infrastructure
5. Continually assess and deliver effective, efficient, and environmentally sustainable municipal services.

Final 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Department Presentations

Presentation to City Council 4/30/19 

Presentation to City Council 11/14/17

Presentation to City Council 10/24/17

2017 Strategic Plan (FY2016-18)

2015 Strategic Plan (FY2014-16)