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Sausalito Parks and Recreation is taking classes, games and fun, and putting it online. Check back daily to stay active indoors, outdoors, and in your mind!

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What We Do in Parks and Recreation

  • The Sausalito Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide quality programs to Sausalito and its community that enhance growth, expression , and recreation through people, parks, and programs.
  • Provide staff support for the Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Set policies for Park use and advise City Council on City ordinances
  • Maintain the schedule for all parks and recreation facilities
  • Maintain the parks and medians
  • Act as City of Sausalito liaison for Age Friendly Sausalito, the Hospitality Committee, and Sausalito Beautiful

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Any questions about the Parks and Recreation Department or a project related to Parks and Recreation may be directed to (415) 289-4152 or
  • Please see our staff directory for the contact information of individual staff members


  • Parks and Recreation: General

    • Can I park overnight at any of the City Parks?

    • Can I rent a park or facility in Sausalito?

    • Can I volunteer or get community service hours with the Parks and Recreation Department?

    • I would like to purchase a memorial bench, how do I do it?

    • There is wildlife in my yard or neighborhood, who do I contact?

    • When does the Parks and Recreation Commission meet?

    • Where can I launch a boat?