2015 Ferry Landing Review Process

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On February 10, 2015, the City Council approved a public review process for the Ferry Landing project (view the approved process). This process began on March 24, 2015, when the District formally submitted an application to the Planning Commission and Historic Landmarks Board.  The 45-day review period under the terms of the lease ended on May 8, 2015.  The Planning Commission and Historic Landmarks Board held four public meetings in March and April of 2015. The City Council then held a public meeting May of 2015 to make a determination if consent could be granted for the project in accordance with the terms of the lease. The City Council determined that consent could not be granted for the project. Supervisor Kate Sears subsequently established a stakeholder's group to review the plans. The District resubmitted plans in 2016 (see the 2016 ferry landing review). This page provides links to materials, agendas, staff reports, videos and news articles regarding the 2015 ferry landing project.

2015 Plan Submission

In 2015, the project consisted of the following: a new 150-foot long by 53-foot wide concrete float, a new 90-foot long by 19-foot wide steel gangway, and a new 96-foot long by 25-foot-wide pile-supported, concrete access pier that would connect to the existing landside pier.

Planning Commission and Historic Landmarks Board Meetings

Meeting 1: The first opportunity for public participation was held on March 11, 2015 which was a joint study session of the Historic Landmarks Board and Planning Commission.

Meeting 2: The second opportunity for public participation was on April 1, 2015, which was a joint meeting of the Historic Landmarks Board and Planning Commission

Meeting 3: The third opportunity for public participation was on April 15, 2015, which was a joint meeting of the Historic Landmarks Board and the Planning Commission.  At the April 15 meeting, the Commission and Board continued the meeting to April 29 in order to continue their determination on the findings. 

Meeting 4: The Commission and Board met on April 29, 2015 and adopted Resolution No. 2015-08 which formalized their recommendation to the Council.

"Story Buoy" Demonstration

On March 20, 2015 the District took several actions to demonstrate where the new float and access pier will be located with respect to the existing facilities. Due to the project site’s location in the water there was difficulty in installing traditional “story poles” due to physical conditions such as the water itself, winds, and tides; there are also operational challenges due to the fact that the site is an operating ferry landing. Therefore, to demonstrate the location of the different components of the proposed project, the District demonstrated the size of the float with "story buoys" from 8am-10am on Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22 and installed ropes to demonstrate the size of the new access pier and gangway. See the diagram for more information.  Photographs: see the photographs of the rope/buoy demonstration.

City Council Meeting

Meeting 5: On May 5, 2015, the City Council held a public hearing to make a determination if consent could be granted for the project in accordance with the terms of the lease. View the  agenda and staff report and the video from the meeting. At this meeting, Council adopted Resolution No. 5512 denying consent for the major alterations to the Sausalito Ferry Landing proposed by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway  and Transportation District.

Stakeholders' Meetings

From June-November 2015, Marin County Supervisor Kate Sears organized several stakeholders' meetings. The stakeholders involved in the meetings were:

  • Denis Mulligan, Golden Gate Bridge District General Manager
  • Tom Theodores, City of Sausalito Council Member Mayor (2015)
  • Jill Hoffman, City of Sausalito Council Member Vice-Mayor (2015)   
  • Bill Werner, City of Sausalito Planning Commissioner   
  • Ann Arnott, Chamber of Commerce    
  • Ed Fotsch, City of Sausalito Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee     
  • Priya Clemens, Golden Gate Bridge District Public Information Manager    
  • Jonathon Goldman, City of Sausalito Department of Public Works
  • Tammy Blanchard (resident, Sausalito Yacht Club)
  • Morgan Pierce, Sausalito Planning Commission
  • David Suto (engineer)
  • Vince Maggiora (resident)
  • Shasha Richardson, City of Sausalito Historic Landmarks Board
  • Sonja Hanson (resident)
  • Peter Van Meter (former Sausalito City Councilmember)
  • Jacques Ullman (architect)
  • Craig Yates (Disabled Access)
  • Mike Kelly (former City of Sausalito Mayor)
  • Pat Zuch (resident)
  • Kristen Wolslegel (resident/Sausalito Sustainability Commission)
  • David Schonbrunn, TRANSDEF (transportation activist)
  • Sam Chase (engineer)
  • Richard Graef (former Planning Commissioner)

At the conclusion of the stakeholders' meetings on November 14, 2015, a vote for or against moving forward with the new ferry landing had the following results*: 9: yes, move forward; 3: no don’t move forward; 2: did not vote. Read the facilitator's notes from the November 14, 2015.

* At the January 26, 2016, Council meeting, Councilmember Theodores and Mayor Hoffman clarified that Supervisor Sears' stakeholder group vote in November 2015 did not include a vote on approval or denial of the plans, but was a vote from the stakeholders  to either move forward with the process or not.

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