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Sausalito City Hall

About City Council Special Committees

  • In addition to the City Council and the City's standing Boards and Commissions, Sausalito government also relies on City Council special committees and task forces.
  • The Council's standing special committees consist of two Councilmembers and provide an opportunity for the Council to give input to City staff on important matters before they are considered by the full Council.
  • From time to time, the Council also creates committees and task forces dedicated to a specific issue. These committees consist of one or two councilmembers, citizen representatives from the community, and, as appropriate, representatives from the City's Boards and Commissions.

List of Special Committees

  • Age Friendly Task Force: Seven-member advisory body created with the goal of moving Sausalito forward as an "age-friendly" city, so that its residents can actively age in place
  • Certificates of Participation (CoP) Oversight Committee: Five-member City Council-appointed special committee tasked with ensuring that all revenues received from the 2016 Certificates of Participation for park improvements are spent in accordance within the intent and scope of the approved CoP
  • Finance Committee: Standing City Council  special committee tasked with monitoring the City budget and consisting of the mayor and one other councilmember
  • General Plan Advisory Committee: Thirteen-member City Council-appointed committee created in 2017 to provide feedback and direction throughout the  General Plan Update process
  • General Plan Working Group: Special committee tasked with  facilitating review of the draft General Plan as the process moves forward to conclusion; group consists of two members from the City Council and two members from the Planning Commission
  • Legislative Committee: Standing City Council special committee tasked with reviewing possible amendments to the Sausalito Municipal Code and consisting of two councilmembers
  • Outreach, MLK, IT, Transportation (OMIT): Standing City Council special committee tasked with reviewing City operations in the areas of outreach, information technology, transportation, and the MLK, Jr. Campus and consisting of two Councilmembers
  • Past Special Committees: Archives of committees and task forces that were dissolved after completing the mission given to them by the City Council