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Transparency and open government are important to the City of Sausalito. This section of the City website provides you with an easy way to find essential information about the City of Sausalito, including City finances, meetings, City officials, jobs, salaries and benefits, land use regulations, permit applications, contracts, and public records. 

• About Sausalito
City Services
• History
• Map of Sausalito
• Mission Statement
• Open City Hall

Administrative Officials
• City Attorney
• City Clerk
• City Manager
Department Heads

City Government
• City Departments
• Calendar of Events
• Claim for Damages
• Municipal Code
• Public Notices
• Public Records Request
• SB 272

City Council, Boards, and Commissions
• Boards and Commissions
• City Council
• City Council Special Committees
• Regional Agencies
• Election Information
• League of California Cities
• Webcasts
• Council Compensation and Benefits
• Statement of Economic Interests

Contracts, Bid Notices, and RFPs
• Approved Contracts Over $25,000
Bid Notices
Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

• Audited Annual Financial Statements
• Budget Documents
• City Bond Rating
• Financial Reserves Policy
• Fiscal Transparency Tool
• Investment Policy
• Master Fee Schedule
• Revenue Sources

Jobs, Salaries & Benefits
• Employee Agreements
• Jobs Currently Available
• Salaries & Benefits

Land Use & Planning
• Building Permit Application Forms
• Code Enforcement
• General Plan
• Planning Permit Application Forms
• Zoning Ordinance & Map

Social Media
• City of Sausalito
• Sausalito Library
• Sausalito Parks & Recreation

• City of Sausalito
• Sausalito Library
• Sausalito Police Department

• City of Sausalito