Newly Adopted Ordinances

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All newly adopted City of Sausalito ordinances will appear in this location.  Once ordinances have been codified in the Municipal Code they will be removed. You can view the Sausalito Municipal Code online or in person at the Administration window.

Ordinance No. Adopted Date Description
1256 6/12/18 Amending Section 4.10.030E of the Sausalito Municipal Code to modify the definition of “Committee” for Consistency with the Political Reform Act
 1257 6/26/18 Amending Chapter 6.04 of the Sausalito Municipal Code Relating to Animal Control
 1258 6/26/18 Adding Chapter 4.12 to the Sausalito Municipal Code Allowing Use of Online or Electronic Filing of Campaign Statements
 1259 6/26/18 Amending Section 4.04.040 of the Sausalito Municipal Code to Increase the Limitations on Campaign Contributions
 1260 6/26/18 Amendment to Sausalito Municipal Code Chapter 15.13  entitled "Bicycle Parking" to include powered scooters