Statements of Economic Interest

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Every elected or appointed official and public employee who is either identified in Government Code Section 87200 or identified in the City's conflict of interest code is required to submit a Statement of Economic Interest, also known as the Form 700. The Form 700 provides transparency and ensures accountability in two ways:

  1. It provides necessary information to the public about an official’s personal financial interests to ensure that officials are making decisions in the best interest of the public and not enhancing their personal finances.
  2. It serves as a reminder to the public official of potential conflicts of interest so the official can abstain from making or participating in governmental decisions that are deemed conflicts of interest.

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) requires cities to file the original Form 700s with the FPCC for the following positions:

  • City Council Members:  Joe Burns, Susan Cleveland-Knowles, Joan Cox, Jill Hoffman and Ray Withy, 
  • Planning Commissioners:  Janelle Kellman, Vicki Nichols, Morgan Pierce, Bill Werner
  • City Manager Adam Politzer
  • City Attorney Mary Wagner
  • Administrative Services Director

Other filers other than those identified above file their original Form 700s with the City Clerk. For more information from the FPPC on the Form 700, please visit the FPPC website. If you have any questions please contact the City Clerk's office at (415) 289-4134