Measure F, 2015 Election

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The City of Sausalito held a Special Municipal Election on November 3, 2015

for the voters of the City of Sausalito to decide whether or not to approve the lease of the MLK school site to the Sausalito Financing Authority and the use of revenues from the MLK school site to pay off the Certificates of Participation

MEASURE F reads:


City of Sausalito No-Tax-Increase Park Improvement/Safety Measure. 
To bring Robin Sweeny Park, Southview Park, Dunphy Park and the MLK site to current health/safety standards; repair unsafe children's playground equipment, upgrade safety lighting, pathways, courts; add needed restrooms; restore wetlands/natural areas, shall the City of Sausalito enter into an agreement with the Sausalito Financing Authority and permit revenue from the MLK site to be used as revenue financing, with no increase in taxes?

All registered voters within the City of Sausalito had the opportunity to vote YES or NO.

By virtue of the votes cast, Measure F was passed by the residents of Sausalito:
"Yes" Votes 1,474 votes (63.51%)
"No" Votes 847 votes (36.49%)

The final, certified results of this election are posted here.

The City Council's Adopted Resolution No. 5557 Adopting and Ratifying the Vote on Measure F



Letter from the City Clerk: Voting Information

Information on Measure F Flyer #1

Information on Measure F Flyer #2

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes on F Sausalito 2015: Statement of Organization (Form 410), received August 17, 2015

Forms. If you wish to form a Committee required forms are available through the City Clerk's Office. In general, Form 410 and Form 460 will be required. Click here for FAQ's from the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding required forms and submission.

Contributions and Expenditures. For purposes of this election, contributions and expenditures are governed by Sausalito Municipal Code Chapter 4.10. Specifically, no person or combination of persons may receive or expend more than $1,000 in a calendar year without filing the appropriate financial disclosure forms with the City Clerk. The Sausalito Municipal Code is available at


Most questions arise regarding communications for or against a measure and which are sent out independently or outside of a formed committee. In that regard, communications pertaining to a City measure and funded by an independent expenditure must contain a specific statement, on any material published, displayed or broadcast, that the communication was not authorized by any primarily formed committee supporting or opposing that measure. Additionally, campaign communications funded by an independent expenditure must disclose the identity of the person or committee making the independent expenditure, and the name, city and state of residence of each contributor of cumulative contributions totaling $250.00 or more to the person or committee making the independent expenditure, listed in order of the size of their cumulative contributions, with the largest contributor listed first.

Campaign communications include:

  1. More than 200 substantially similar pieces of campaign literature distributed within a calendar month, including but not limited to mailers, flyers, facsimiles, pamphlets, door hangers, e-mails, campaign buttons 10 inches in diameter or larger, and bumper stickers 60 square inches or larger.
  2. posters, yard or street signs, billboards, and similar items.
  3. Television, cable, satellite and radio broadcasts.
  4. Newspaper, magazine, internet website banners and similar advertisements.
  5. 200 or more substantially similar live or recorded telephone calls made within a calendar month.

Handout on Rules Regarding Posting of Campaign Signs


City Council Meetings


Please call the City Clerk's office at (415) 289-4134