MLK Construction Updates

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  • A Comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (CFCA) for the MLK Campus was completed on April 28, 2015
  • The assessment analyzed the current condition of the MLK facilities, identified physical, operational deficiencies and provided cost estimates and prioritized schedules of repair work
  • The CFCA was presented to the City Council on May 12, 2015 at its regularly scheduled City Council meeting

Construction Status

MLK Field Improvements 2018

Schematic plan for renovated athletic feild at MLK Park

The City's MLK Athletic Field Improvement Project began on Saturday, November 3. The field is located on the City's MLK Campus at the north end of Sausalito. Major construction will be performed by Maggiora & Ghilotti, which was awarded a contract by the City Council on October 30 after a competitive bidding process. The total project cost is projected at $1,041,068, with primary funding coming from revenues received from the 2016 Certificates of Participation.

The project includes the following elements:

  • Removing existing trees
  • Stripping and stockpiling the field's existing topsoil for reuse
  • Regrading the field to improve drainage
  • Constructing new drainage facilities
  • Adding an asphalt path around the perimeter of the field, with a length of approximately ⅓ mile
  • Creating a soccer pitch, a softball field, and a concrete pad for an outdoor gym
  • Placing a new gate in the fence along Coloma Street to facilitate vehicle access when the field acts as a temporary parking lot for special events
  • Installing a new irrigation system
  • Planting new grass

During construction, the field will be fenced off to the public. If work proceeds without complications, the field will reopen for public use in summer 2019. 

Any questions about the MLK Athletic Field Improvement Project may be directed to Senior Civil Engineer Andrew Davidson at or (415) 289-4180.

Past Construction

Phase 1

  • The City Council approved a contract with ABM Building Solutions, Inc. ("Phase 1") on October 13, 2016 to replace HVAC and roofing on all seven buildings
  • In addition, repairs to existing gas lines were required to complete the HVAC replacement and bring the lines up to code
  • As of Summer 2017, the HVAC and gas lines have been successfully replaced, and the re-roof is near completion

MLK Roof