Age Friendly Home Adaptation Grant Program

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About the Home Adaptation Grant Program

To help Sausalito residents age 60 or older and younger adults with a disability improve their home environment, the Sausalito Community Development Department has joined with Age Friendly Sausalito to create the Age Friendly Home Adaptation Grant Program, allowing eligible homeowners and renters (who have attained landlord approval) to make accessibility improvements to their place of residence with a reduced fee or no-cost building permit.  This new program makes it more affordable to obtain building permits to make homes safer and more accommodating to the changing situations and conditions in life.

Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements

  • A Home Adaptation Permit is a reduced fee or no-cost permit based on the project valuation cost of a maximum $10,000 for eligible adaptation improvements. A list of eligible adaptation improvements has been prepared by the Building Division of the Community Development Department.

  • A Home Adaptation Permit can be utilized for individual or aggregated adaptation improvements with a project valuation cost of a maximum of $10,000. Other concurrent remodel improvements that are not listed or included as eligible per the list of eligible adaptation improvements will be subject to the standard permit fees.

  • Home Adaptation Permits can be issued to eligible individuals for use in their place of residence, only. This will allow a renter, with landlord's permission, to make needed adaptation improvements in their rental unit using this permit, but shall not be used by landlord or builder for global adaptation improvements to a multi-unit building.

  • Eligible individuals must file an application to utilize the Home Adaptation Permit. A contractor or project representative may file an application on behalf of eligible individuals.

  • Eligible individuals are residents of Sausalito age 60 and older, or residents who need home adaptations due to disabilities.

  • Eligibility is established by proof of age 60, or by any standard proof of disability (e.g. DMV permanent disability placard or written confirmation from an approved Medical Provider).

  • Deviations or misrepresentations from approved adaptation project plans associated with a Home Adaptation Permit may incur penalty fees in addition to the standard permit fee.

  • The program remains active only as the funds are available through the current fiscal year. Once the funds are depleted, the Age Friendly Home Adaptation Grant Program will be suspended.

  • An eligible resident may be issued up to two home adaptation permits within a one-year period (July 1 current year to June 30 following year), for individual or aggregated adaptation improvements with project valuation costs of a maximum $10,000 for each home adaptation permit.

How to Apply

  • To apply, please schedule an appointment with Building Inspector Kenneth Henry, visit the Community Development counter in City Hall, or call (415) 289-4128.
  • In order to apply, you will need the have the following:
    • A completed Age Friendly Home Adaptation Grant Program Application, with the Grant Applicant's signature, a consent letter from the owner (if not the same as the applicant), proof of eligibility (e.g. a copy of the driver's license, CA disabled placard, or a letter from an approved Medical Provider), and the project description and valuations.
    • Three copies of plan sets illustrating the work that will be done.
    • A completed Construction Permit Application, which can be found at the Community Development Counter at City Hall.
    • If the work being performed effects the exterior of the property, a Zoning Permit application will also be required.

Forms and Guidelines


  • For questions about the Age Friendly Home Adaptation Grant Program, please contact the Building Division at (415) 289-4128.