Retroactive Permits

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Guidelines for Retroactive Construction Permits

  1. A preliminary building permit application must be submitted with an estimate of the value of the project and payment of the investigation fee.

  2. Arrange for an investigation of the site and structures with the Building Division.

  3. Provide the Building Division with a list of any licensed contractors that had performed construction work at the site without permits. 

  4. As required for standard building permit applications, apply for the appropriate City review and permits (plan check, building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, zoning, planning, encroachment, fire sprinklers, undergrounding of overhead wires, etc).  Provide complete construction documents on the work done without permits.  Submit architectural plans identifying permitted construction, as-built conditions and proposed remedial construction.  If additions have been made to the structure you may be required to survey the site and locate property lines, setbacks, all structures, and parking, on the site plan.

  5. In order for the Building Division to establish an accurate project valuation, contractors from each trade must provide the building division with a written bid estimating the valuation of the work that was done without permits.  The contractors must also include their estimated cost for corrections or cost to complete the construction work.  The investigation fee will be adjusted accordingly and a penalty may be assessed. 

  6. Once the appropriate permits are obtained and building permit issued, contractors from each trade shall expose, examine, and test all of the work that was done without permits.  The contractor shall make the necessary corrections and call for City inspections.

  7. Each contractor trade must provide the Building Division with a letter certifying that, to the best of their knowledge, all work has been performed in accordance with accepted construction practices.

  8. In all cases the following statement will be entered into the permit record:  “This project was completed in whole or in part, prior to obtaining a building permit. The issuance of this type of permit means the City of Sausalito, Building Division can not verify those portions of construction that are not visible.  Construction that did not benefit from Building Division inspection may or may not meet the building code(s) in effect at time of issuance.”