Local Building Ordinances

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(The Municipal Code sections noted below are summarized, for the actual wording refer to the Sausalito Municipal Code)

  • Roof and site drainage is required to be conveyed to and terminate in the City’s curb and gutter system or other storm water system authorized by the Sausalito City Engineer.  Provide an adequate detail of the curb and gutter termination or storm water dissipation / dispersal system. Contact the City Engineer for details: (415) 289-4176.
  • Prior to issuance of the building permit you must obtain an encroachment permit for all work and/or use of the public right-of-way such as: construction staging, temporary power, porta potty, debris box, termination of the site drainage system into the City curb and gutter, sewer work, trenching, and installation of underground utilities (electric, gas, water etc.).  SMC Section 8.04.090  Contact the Engineering Division for details: (415) 289-4106.
  • Prior to issuance of the building permit you must test the sewer lateral pursuant to SMC Sec 18.12.100, and provide evidence that the sewer lateral is in satisfactory condition or include its repair on the construction permit application (Contact the Engineering Division for details:  (415) 289-4111.
  • Prior to issuance of a building permit any work which will likely disturb the ground surface during rainy weather and between October 15th and May 1st requires a drainage and erosion control plan.  SMC Sec 8.04.064. Contact the Engineering Division for details: (415) 289-4111.
  • Building permit fees are based on the valuation of the project.  In order to determine the total valuation of this construction project please provide the Building Division with a copy of the signed contractor’s bid documents.  The total value of all construction work includes all finish work, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevators, fire extinguishing systems and any other permanent equipment. (CBC Sec 107.2)
  • On the site plan estimate the amount of grading in cubic yards.  Locate and identify the areas where grading will occur.  If there will be 50 cubic yards or more of grading you must obtain a grading permit. Contact the Engineering Division for details:  (415) 289-4111.
  • On the plan locate the existing main electrical service panel and any sub-panels and label amperes.  Note whether the electrical service is existing underground or overhead.  Note whether the electrical service will need to be upgraded or relocated as a result of this project. You may need to underground all overhead utility services SMC 18.08. Contact the Engineering Division for details:  (415) 289-4111.
  • Construction and improvements in flood hazard areas must comply with the floodplain management provisions of SMC Chapter 8.48. Flood hazard areas are established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • List on a plan sheet all Planning Division conditions of approval. (Contact the Planning Division for details 289.4128)
  • SMC Section 8.04.112 requires that roof coverings must be rated at not less than Class A in:
    • All new structures.
    • If 50% or more of the roof covering of an existing structure is replaced within a one-year period.
    • Additions to structures that result in an increase in roof area of 50% or more of the area of the existing roof covering.  The entire existing roof must also be replaced with a class A roof covering.  
  • Fire sprinklers are required to be installed in all Occupancies and Facilities. An automatic fire sprinkler shall be installed in all of the following: (See Ordinance No. 1203, Section 903.2 for complete details)
    • Every newly constructed building and facility, with the following exceptions: 
      • Free standing Group U Occupancies not more than 1,000 square feet and provided with exterior wall and opening protection as per Table 602 of the Building Code.
      • Agricultural buildings as defined in Appendix C of the Building Code and not exceeding 2,000 square feet and located in the Open Space Zoning District. 
    • Newly created second units 
    • All buildings which have more than 50% floor area added or any “substantial remodel” as defined in the Fire Code, within any 36 month period. Exceptions may be granted by the Fire Code Official. 
    • All buildings, except R-3 Occupancies, in excess of 3,000 sq. ft. which have more than 10% floor area added within any 36 month period. Exceptions may be granted by the Fire Code Official. 
    • A change in the use of a structure that results in a higher fire or life safety exposure when the square footage of the area changing use is more than 50% of the square footage of the building.
  • All automatic fire sprinkler systems shall be installed in accordance with the written standards of the Fire Code Official and the following: 
    • In all residential building required to be sprinkled any attached garages shall also be sprinkled, and except for single family dwellings, in all residential occupancies the attics shall be sprinkled.
    • In all existing buildings, where fire sprinklers are required by provisions of this code, they shall be extended into all unprotected areas of the building.
    • All single family dwellings in excess of 5,000 square feet shall have automatic fire sprinkler systems designed in accordance with NFPA Standard 13 or 13R.
    • All public storage facilities shall have installed an approved automatic fire sprinkler system. An approved wire mesh or other approved physical barrier shall be installed 18 inches below the sprinkler head deflector to prevent storage from being placed to within 18 inches from the bottom of the deflector measured at a horizontal plane.
  • The fireplace appears to be supplied with gas.  The City of Sausalito does not allow gas appliances including fireplace gas log or log lighters to be installed in areas readily used as a bedroom unless it is a listed direct vent/closed combustion chamber appliance type fireplace.  Please include on the plan the fireplace manufacturer model number and provide a catalog cut sheet.
  • Specify spark arresters for the chimneys CBC 3102.3.8.  Show on the plan elevations the chimney’s spark arrester.  On the plan elevations, dimension the lowest opening of the spark arrester a minimum of two feet above any portion of the roof located within ten feet measured horizontally.  CBC Table 31-B
  • Provide a barrier that isolates the pool, spa and hot tub from the dwelling.  A self contained spa or hot tub equipped with a listed safety cover may be used.  SMC Sec 8.04.010 adopting CBC Appendix Chapter 4 Division I Barriers for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.
  • The Structural Observation and Geotechnical Observation requirements are required to be listed on a plan sheet.
  • Do not cut graded lumber for stair stringers, use stair-angle clips.
  • Do not rip graded lumber for use as joists.
  • Pursuant to CBC Sec 509, guardrails are required at all wall openings including operable windows which allow a sphere 4 inches in diameter to pass through.
  • Note in the comment section on the plans that “Any revision(s) to the approved plan set shall be submitted to the Sausalito Community Development Department for review.   Inspections for revised work shall not be requested until the revision is approved by the Community Development Department.  Allow a minimum of two weeks for Community Development Department review.”
  • On the plans add a general note that “the Contractor shall be responsible for construction in conformance with the approved plans, specifications, and all code requirements under which the plans and specifications were approved.” 
  • Do not use a "key" labeling system, except for schedules.