Forms and

Permits in the City of Sausalito

For the health and safety of our residents and the environment, a variety of permits are required for building, construction, and landscaping projects in Sausalito, including:
  • Planning Permits for almost all changes to a residential, commercial, or industrial building and any new a residential, commercial, or industrial building in the City of Sausalito
  • Building Permits to ensure that construction is safe for use
  • Encroachment Permits to ensure that any work that occurs on public streets and sidewalks is performed according to current construction standards
  • Building Inspections to ensure compliance with our building, zoning, and public works requirements
  • Occupational Use Permits and Business Licenses are required for all businesses operating within the City limits, including property owners, home-based businesses, and all contractors who do work within the City
  • Tree Permits are required to alter, prune, shape, trim, top, or remove a protected tree in our community
  • Forms and Guidelines has many of the other forms, guidelines, instructions, and documents used by the Planning Division, the Building Division, and the Public Works Department

Other Types of Permits Issued by City Departments

  • Special Event Permits are issued by the Parks and Recreation Department for park rentals, film and photo shoots, banner encroachment, and alcohol use at special events are available from the
  • Alarm Permits are issued by the Police Department for security alarms in Sausalito; by registering your private alarm system, you will be allowed three false alarms each fiscal year


  • Any questions about the Community Development Department or a project related to Community Development may be directed to (415) 289-4128 or
  • Please see our staff directory for the contact information of individual staff members