Trees and Views

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Tree Removal/Alteration Permits

A Tree Removal/Alteration Permit is required to alter, prune, shape, trim, top, or remove a "Protected Tree" as defined below:

  • Trees protected on Private Property
    • Any Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) measuring 4 inches or more in diameter at breast height (DBH).
    • Any tree which measures 10 inches DBH or more on developed private property (a.k.a. Heritage Tree).
    • Any tree measuring 4 inches DBH or more on undeveloped private property.
    • Any tree that has special significance as provided for by resolution of the City Council (a.k.a. Dedicated Tree).
  • Trees protected on City-Owned Property
    • Any tree or shrub on City-owned property or public right-of-way.

Trees and Views

  • The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing Tree Removal and Alteration Permit applications regarding protected trees on privately-owned developed property.
  • In addition, the Commission is responsible for conducting arbitration of view claims and for conducting fact finding meetings and rendering advisory decisions of view claims in situations involving trees on privately-owned property which may be obstructing the view from or sunlight reaching other property.
  • The City’s Trees and Views Preservation Regulations are provided in Chapter 11.12 of the Municipal Code. Regulations regarding trees along streets, sidewalks, and public places is provided in Chapter 17.28

Forms and Instructions Related to Trees and Views

Street Trees