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Welcome to Sausalito’s Parks and Recreation Virtual Rec Room. Each day we will be featuring new content from our many instructors, Parks and Recreation Team, and from the web. This Rec Room was designed for our community to think inside-the-box (since you can’t go outside), grow by learning new skills, and challenge ourselves on a daily basis.

With shelter-in-place and social distancing disrupting our life’s balance and we need an outlet to stay moving, blow off some steam, and lift our mind, bodies, and spirit. There are no easy solutions to our ever increasing lethargic lifestyle, but any positive actions we take now will drastically impact our lives and benefit our future selves.

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Chair Yoga w/ Donna Simonsen via ZOOM

Gentle Flow Hatha Yoga w/ Trishna Horvath via ZOOM



Mixology Magic w/ Manhattan Zodiac via ZOOM


Being active is imperative during this time, but going out to socialize for recreation purposes is not in imperative. Below are some guidelines for exercising and being active in our favorite open space areas. You should be going out at least once or twice a day to get your heart rate up and get some fresh air. For the most up to date info, be sure to check all websites and social media before venturing out. Share your Outdoor activities! Show us your views and what you're up to. Tag us using #VirtualRecRoom #StayingActiveOutdoors 

  • TENNIS IS BACK! Marinship and MLK tennis courts are OPEN as of 5/4/20 at 12:00pm. Please read all new rules posted on the gate at the courts. Residents only, no doubles, no spectators, no switching sides, mark and use your own balls when serving, DO NOT SHARE, no commercial use, and wear a face mask before and after your match (during too if you can). All other rules are posted at the courts.  
  • Sausalito City Parks are all OPEN. All green space is still available to stroll, run, exercise, and enjoy. All tennis, pickle ball, basketball, and bocce courts are CLOSED. Also all playgrounds, gym equipment, and indoor facilities are CLOSED (including City Hall). 
  • Sausalito Stairs and Paths are open.  These 33 sets of steps and 3 paths can take you on an adventure right in your own backyard. If you want to really get your heart moving try a new set everyday. 
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area is currently offering limited service, all parking lots are CLOSED for vehicles, but all trails are OPEN. Luckily for us we live close enough to walk and hike to wonderful places. Now is a great time to slowly build up your strength and reach for new heights (literally)!
  • California State Parks are currently CLOSED to vehicular traffic. As of today, non-campground outdoor areas of parks, including trails and beaches, remain OPEN. Day-use restrooms also remain open, and visitors are advised to bring soap for hand washing and to use alcohol-based hand sanitizes when water is not available.




Staying active while inside is more important than going outside once or twice a day!  Research shows that doing more consistent movement throughout your day is better for our overall health. Doing more lunges, squats, stair climbs, and walking (or standing) agility drills can lower your stress and increase productivity by more than 15%. Below is an ever growing list of indoor workouts, activities, and movement drills. Share your Indoor activities! Show us your moves and what you're up to. Tag us using #VirtualRecRoom #StayingActiveIndoors

Join us every Thursday for the new Magic of Mixology Class. Here is a sneak peak:


Here is your full body, no equipment needed workout! 

With lots of stairs everywhere in Marin County, today is the day to start working on those buns-- Sausalito Stairs and Paths. Here is a video for your indoor workout to strengthen your glutes.


Here is a great article about Dancing like nobody is watching on Zoom. SF Ballet is practicing indoors while SIP'ing. Your indoor activity for the day is to do some dancing, because no one is watching!

Adding some meditation to your daily regimen is a great way to clear and open your mind, and bring some inner peace to your hectic day.

Check out these wonderful exercises you can do with household items. No need for weights or expensive machinery. All you need to do is get a little creative.


Most people have basketballs in their home.  Here are some great drills from Get your ball handling skills on point so you can show up your friends when were out of SIP'ing!


Cardio workouts are the best way to keep yourself in shape and to keep a healthy heart. A little bit of a different way to cut fat and get that heart rate up is CrossFit. Even beginner classes are more advanced, so make sure you are prepared to sweat and go at your own pace. its a marathon, not a sprint. Here is a great 10 minute CrossFit Beginner Video


 Some indoor cardio is a great way to get your body energized. It can start your day off right, or give you some energy during that 2pm lull. BodyFit by Amy has great videos. Here is a carido video that is a short 12 minute work out. 


Dancing is a great way to burn some extra calories and depending on how fast you're moving will determine how much you burn. These 15 minute videos are a great for feeling the groove and burning some fat.


 Sticking with ability training. One of the best ways to keep your legs in great shape is standing and walking lunges. In this video there are 4 techniques to use to help keep you lower half looking good. doing just a few sets per day will keep your body limber and your leg muscles active!


Agility training is a great way to stay active and utilize the space you are in. Here are 10 agility exercises that will get your whole body moving and get you sweating.  If you don't have a agility ladder, make one with tape, use rope, string or just do it with no ladder!

Good balance is key to keeping up good health! Here are 14 balance activities that will get your stabilizer muscles stronger.

Start your day off with some belly dance moves to clear your mind, move your body, and find your inner dancer!

Get moving inside your house, but first move anything that can break. PE with Joe has some great moves to get that heart rate up. Can you keep up? 


 Add a little art to your life. This 5 minute art work is so easy and can give you some vitality by seeing how quickly you can accomplish things! It is the little things we accomplish that will make us more active throughout our days!


April 3: 10,000 Victories who run Qigong for Vibrant Health and Tai Chi for Health and Happiness have amazing podcasts, videos, and info about using ancient therapies to stretch and open the entire body.  Sign up for their news letter, subscribe to their Vimeo page, and listen in weekly to gain some inner zen. Here is a short Documentary:

"What is Tai Chi? with Sifu Jensen" from 10,000 Victories on Vimeo.

April 2: Nicki from Marin Outdoor Adventure is hosting free 30 minute guided meditations each day starting at 7am. Join her on Instagram at @marinoutdooradventure each day for a new lesson. She also hosts an array of various programs. Check her out!

The National academy of Athletics are putting together some virtual sports camps that are free! every week they are adding FREE content for kids and their families to do drills in small spaces, in the house, garage or back yard -  Here is a great video on Soccer with Jourdan.

Our friends from from The Ranch (Belvedere and Tiburon's Recreation Agency) are putting together some Pilates workouts. Here is Susan Sun's Mat Pilates  (for Beginners); Core Strengthening Pilates; Invigorating Pilates




Challenge of the day is our social media initiative to add some fun and creativity to your day. Check back daily for new challenges for the whole family. Use the #ChallengeOfTheDay #SIP and tag us on Instagram or Facebook. You can do any of these challenges at anytime and share them with us! No need to do them in order; So pick your favorites and share them!

 May 4: Today is the day we start training our brain. Give yourself a challenge by doing a crossword puzzle. These puzzles help promote gray matter and keep your wits quick!

April 28: Let's stick with painting. This is a fluid art project; you need canvas, paint, string, tape, and probably a drop cloth.   

April 27: Time to do some painting! Here is one of our instructors Diana Bradley teaching us how to paint trees using water color. 

April 20: Today's challenge is getting back to habits... Good habits. Start each day by making your bed, keeping your home clean, doing some yard work etc.  

April 16: Dress up in costume and do something fun. Go on a walk, do a workout, or simply take out the trash... Just do it in costume!

April 15:  Create a sign for front-line and essential workers . Make it sidewalk chalk, window art, or lawn signs!

April 14: Get some sun today. Everyday is a challenge to get enough vitamin D, but today try and get as much sun as possible! 

April 13:  Today's challenge is to start a 30 day challenge. Whatever type...just start one. Ex. Waking up at 7am and going for a walk, cooking healthy dinner, no candy, woodworking, fitness activities, etc. Good luck! You can do this!

April 11 + 12:  Today's challenge it to make a hovercraft with a CD, balloon, and water/soda bottle top (you will also need a hot glue gun). Here is a video showing how to make it. There are 9 other amazing experiments on here so go wild!    

April 10: Today's challenge is making good ol' fashion clay. It is super simple, can be reused multiple times, and is a fan favorite in any home.  Follow these simple steps and start sculpting!

April 9: This is for the kids or big (adult) kids... Grab a balloon and play the game of keeping it off the ground for 1, 2, and 5 minutes. Once you're a pro see how many taps you can keep it up. Try walking from room to room, switching hands, use feet, head, and spinning around between taps.    

April 8: Show us your inner spy. In a hallway, small room, or giant room (depending on your supplies), create a laser maze like in the movies. Bring out your inner child and show us how you can steal the treasure without being caught by the lasers

April 7: Use your Lego skills to create some fun faces. Coach Kandice from Mt. Tam Adventure Camps is going to show you some work she did. "If you can dream it you can create it". 


April 6:  Today's challenge is creating your own song. Pretty easy right :-P It can be any type of diddy

Some of you may have heard the howls at 8:00pm around Marin


April 4 + 5: Making sure to stay hydrated during throughout the day is something important that most of us forget. Try this silly game to stay hydrated and have some fun.

Fun game to stay hydrated during quarantine from r/HydroHomies

April 3:  The Wikipedia Challenge! You can do this with people or solo. With people: Choose a broad topic or that days featured article. Everyone clicks on *random article* in Wikipedia. The object is for everyone to finish at the same page by only use links to inside each page. The player with the least amount of steps to get there wins. Solo: Same topic, but do it three times with from three different starting points. See which one was the least amount of tries. 

April 2:  Try something new! Do yourself a favor and make your brain do some work today. Bake some bread, make something fancy, or test your skills by making a new recipe. Since everyone went out to buy all the flour in the world I am sure you have a bunch.   You could even just try your hand at sculpting. Here is a easy recipe to make clay (with flour). Don't forget to share what you did with us on social media.

April 1: It is April Fools and you're stuck inside. How do we create a harmless prank for our family, roommates or friends? How about the Bubble wrap under the rug prank. All you need is bubble wrap and scissors. Measure out just enough bubble wrap to hide under the rug of a frequently-visited stretch of hallway. Once somebody steps down on it, it'll make such a bang that they'll dive for cover.  Snap a photo or video and share it with us on social media




Photo of the day is another social media initiative to add some fun and creativity to your day. Check back daily for new challenges for the whole family. Use the #PhotoOfTheDay #SIP and tag us on Instagram or Facebook. You can do any of these challenges at anytime and share them with us! No need to do them in order; So pick your favorites and share them!

April 28: Let's see some night-scapes. We've got beautiful landscapes around us and wonder city lines and bridges. Show your best evening image. Here is a great imagine of Lombard street before the SIP   

April 27: It's family photo day! snap a shot of you and your family? You ride solo? then take a picture in your favorite place!

April 20: Black and white photo challenge. Take a photo with some textures of black and white

April 16: There are lots of clouds in the sky today, snap a photo of a cloud and tell us what you see.

April 15: Use nature around you to create something. a mosaic, an animal, family member, space ship, etc.

April 14: Try to get a photo of nature in motion. Maybe a bee on a flower or a hummingbird hovering.

April 13: Find that cozy spot you took a photo from the other day and take a photo of the book you are reading. Nothing like a good book in a nice cozy place. 

April 11 + 12: Today's photo is all about food. We've been SIPing for nearly a month, so everyone should be excellent chefs. snap some photos of food you've recently cooked. Here is a home made pizza dough with pineapple, red onion, and jalapenos (   The vegetarian Hawaiian) 

April 10: Now that you've created some clay from our Challenge of the Day. Check out what some people on Pintrest are making with it. Make something cool and snap a photo!

April 9: Spring is springing! Next time you go on a walk, snap some photos of flowers around your. Whether it be wild flowers, from a neighbors garden, or the lone fighter growing from a sidewalk crack. Show us some love!  

April 8: Show us your favorite view. It can be  while you are on a walk, from your porch/balcony, or simply from your window. 

April 7: While on a walk today find some words on inspiration written on the sidewalk, street, wall, fence etc.   

April 6: Here is an easy one. Snap a photo of your coziest room in your home. Hopefully everyone is sheltering in this kind of cozy place

April 4 + 5:   This challenge was too good to make it just one day. The Getty Museum in LA is challenging people on twitter to recreate their favorite art work using house hold items. Here is a favorite of mine 

April 3:  Create and draw an animal. It can be your favorite animal, a mystical animal or a combination of your favorite animals.

April 2:  Create a stained glass window. This is a great activity for families and kids. Find a window that gets great light shining through on to the ground. Next, use painters tap to start creating and connect various size triangles all throughout the window, lastly add tissue paper and tape it between in a triangle. Here is a great example

April 1: Create a trick photography picture or video. Here is a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.  Snap a photo or video and share it with us on social media





All of your pets are so excited that you are home all day everyday! They get extra walks, belly rubs, and playtime... but now that all the dog parks are closed giving them the exercise they need is more of a challenge.  Check back daily for new fun with dog activities. Don't forget to post your #FunWithDogs and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.  

April 27 - May 1: This is more a weekly challenge with your best friend. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I bet that good boy (or girl), would do some tricks for the right treats. Check out this great article by teaching you how to get that old dog to do new tricks!

April 20: Today's doggy fun is a doozy. Give your pet a bath, clip some nails, and comb / give a hair cut. Everyone needs a day at the salon... your pup included. They've dealt with you for over a month... Treat them nice today! 

April 14: This challenge is called the invisible food challenge and is a little silly. Basically you grab an empty plate and a spoon, do you best Peter Pan invisible food eating and watch your pup try and grab some from you. After a few attempts give them a spoon full of nothing and see their reaction? Sounds mean?? well give that good boy or girl some treats for being a good sport! Here is a fun video of the challenge 

April 13: The snoot Challenge. Give you dog the Okay sign with the thumb and index finger and see if they put their snout though it. 

April 11 + 12:  What the Floof Challenge. Pick up a sheet stand in front of your dog with the sheet between you. Lift the sheet up, drop it and quickly go hide. Fun for hours!

April 10:  Set up your very own doggy obstacle course. Hula hoops, hurdles, ramps, and more. Here is a great website showing you what you need and how to achieve success with you pupper

April 9: Button up that dress shirt, throw on your dress, and give ol' rover a bow tie, because today is all about your doggy photo shoot. Here is a great Pintrest page inspiring you to take a great family photo

April 7:  Let's play some human hide and seek. human 1 has to hold on to the dog, while human 2 goes and hikes. When Human 2 is ready call out your dogs name to see how long it takes to find you. This game only works with multiple people in the house. If it's only you, then you need to hide some treats or favorite toy for you dog to find. 


April 6: This may be the best one yet! Poke some holes in a box, crab a carrot and play the opposite of whack-a-mole with your pup.  

via Gfycat

April 4 + 5: Now is a good time to to start looking in that fridge to see what foods are starting to reach the end of their shelf life. If your ground turkey is one day expired or getting close, here is a great chance to start making your own dog food. It's healthier for your dog, could save you a few bucks, but takes some time... but guess what, we've got plenty of that! This recipe takes 30 minutes and is a sure winner

April 3: this boredom buster game is called Muffin Pan Bits. Place small bits of food in the bottom of a muffin tin, then place various types of balls on top of it and watch your dog go to town. Try only putting a few bits in a few tins, but placing all the balls and see if the dog can figure out only the correct ones. This game is courtesy of Dogue on Pintrest

April 2Place two or three empty buckets or cups upside down in a row. While your pup watches, place a treat under one of the containers. Distract him for a few seconds before allowing him to look for the treat. This test will help determine how well your dog can learn and retain information.

Scoring: Give him three points if he goes straight to the container hiding the treat, two if he checks one empty container before finding the right one, and one point if he checks both wrong containers before locating the treat. Check out all the games to test your dogs intelligence 

April 1: Hide treats around your home to set your dog off on a tail wagging adventure. Your dog will put his nose to work to find the hidden treasures. You can determine how easy or difficult you want the game to be depending on where you decide to hide them. 

This fun activity comes from Bark Post: there are 12 rainy day activities, so choose your own and report back to which one was best!