2019 SPD Department Photo


About the Sausalito Police Department

  • Together with our Volunteers in Public Service (VIPS), the officers and staff of the Sausalito Police Department are committed to maintaining Sausalito as the desirable place it is for people to live, work and play
  • Our goals are to enhance the quality of life, seek solutions to problems, and nurture a sense of security within the community
  • Community partnerships are important to us
  • Transparency is important to us
  • Community input is important to us
  • Doing the right thing is important to us
  • Service to our community and our community's safety are important to us
  • Community partnerships are a key ingredient for ensuring Sausalito remains a safe and enjoyable city
  • We encourage citizens to take an active role in reporting all public safety concerns and working with us to help resolve problems with long term solutions
  • By working together, we can continue to create and maintain the quality of life we expect for all those who love and enjoy Sausalito
  • If there are any job opportunities with the Sausalito Police Department, they will appear on the City's Job Openings page

Our Mission

  • With integrity and professionalism, we are dedicated to work in partnership with our community, to enhance safety, quality of life and community trust

Department Organization Chart

Department Division Descriptions


  • Responsible for managing the operations of the Department, including:
    • Recruitment, Background Investigations and Personnel Management
    • Budget and Grant Management
    • Professional Standards, Investigation of Citizen Complaints
    • Internal Policy and Legal Updates
    • Administrative functions and projects delegated by the City Council or City Manager
    • Planning and Research
    • Coordinating mandated training and professional development


  • Responsible for the processing of warrants, subpoenas and the preparation of all police reports and correspondence including confidential research generated by departmental personnel
  • This section also compiles departmental statistics, maintains files, administers payroll, orders supplies and maintains the public counter


  • Provides secondary follow-up and investigative services for all serious criminal and civil investigations


  • Has the responsibility of carrying out the Department's principal function of responding to criminal activity and providing emergency and other public services
  • Sergeants and Officers are assigned on four patrol teams working a 3/12 schedule

Specialty Assignments

  • Marine Patrol
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Motor Patrol
  • Range Master
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Traffic Motor Officer
  • SWAT
  • CNT
  • Field Training Officer
  • Arrest and Control Instructor
  • Investigations

Parking Services

  • Four Parking Enforcement Officers are responsible for providing vehicle abatement and parking compliance functions for the City
  • Other activities include the provision of traffic control, general information and travel directions to Sausalito's visitors
  • The Police Department also oversees the management of the City's public parking lots and areas and also issues parking permits to City residents


  • The Department's dispatch operation is provided by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office


  • State mandated training consists of courses such as:
    • Basic Academy
    • Perishable Skills
    • Advanced Officer
    • Field Training Office
    • Middle Management and Executive development courses
  • Our training program is evaluated by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training as required by State law

Sworn Officer Ranks

  • Includes:
    • Chief
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Sergeants
    • Corporals
    • Detective
    • Patrol Officers
    • Reserve Officers