Sausalito Police 125th Anniversary Badge

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Celebrating 125 Years of Service

125 Badge
  • The year 2018 marks the Sausalito Police Department’s 125th anniversary
    • The Sausalito Police Department is one of oldest law enforcement agencies in Marin County and our history is among the finest
  • Sausalito Police Department has served the community with professionalism and honor, from:
    • Dealing with rum runners and prohibition crimes in the 1920’s
    • Helping the FBI locate dangerous gangsters in the 1930’s
    • Assisting the federal government with securing the shipyards and waterfront during the World War 2 years
    • Confrontations with members of the radical groups in the 1960’s
    • The houseboat wars of the 1970’s
    • Crime increases of the 1980’s
    • To today's increase in internet based crimes
  •  During these 125 years, the Sausalito Police Department has been a leader in progressive policing
    • We were practicing community policing before the term "community policing" existed
    • We were one of the first agencies in Marin to utilize motorcycles for traffic/police services
    • We were among the very first police departments anywhere to have candidates for law enforcement positions take pre-hire psychological examinations to determine their suitability to be an officer
    • We are currently using state of the art technology to locate stolen vehicles containing active criminals as they enter the City
  • The men and women whom have worn the Sausalito Police badge and patch have been a talented group with numerous members rising to positions of great responsibility as well as supervisory or command ranks within our department and others
    • Numerous members of the Sausalito Police Department have gone on to achieve the position of Chief of Police
    • One served as the Sheriff of Marin County for nearly 20 years
    • Another served as the Undersheriff of Marin County
    • One became the Special Agent in Charge of the State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement Office in San Francisco
    • We even had an officer who became a Fire Chief in Sonoma County
    • These are just a small amount of the great people that have been here
  • In celebration of our department’s history, Sausalito Police Chief John Rohrbacher has authorized members of the department to wear a commemorative badge if they choose to
    • Those department members whom choose to obtain and wear commemorative badges purchased the badges themselves
    • Department members that purchased the badges will be able to wear them on duty from January 31, 2018 until February 1, 2019
    • In addition to active department members, honorably retired members of the Sausalito Police Department are able to purchase commemorative badges as well in order to celebrate their years of service to the City of Sausalito
  • In addition to the commemorative badge, the Sausalito Police Department will be celebrating their 125th anniversary throughout 2018 and will be updating the department's website with photographs and articles depicting the department’s history throughout the years


  • For any questions regarding the commemorative badge or the Sausalito Police Department’s history, please contact Captain Bill Fraass at (415) 289-4171 or