Bicycle Parking

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About Bicycle Parking in Sausalito

  • Sausalito sees large seasonal influxes of tourists visiting the city by bicycle
  • The large numbers of tourist bicycles present a unique challenge to a downtown Sausalito area that is already crowded with visitors arriving by car or bus
  • To mediate public safety concerns, the City of Sausalito's Downtown Bike Parking and Congestion Management Program operates during the peak bicycle tourist months to reduce congestion on our downtown sidewalks

Downtown Bicycle Parking Area

  • During peak months, Tracy Way is closed to motor vehicle traffic and a dedicated parking area for bikes is created on Tracy Way to help keep bicycles off of Sausalito's crowded sidewalks
  • Parking in the downtown parking area costs $3 per bicycle and makes it simpler for tourists to patronize Sausalito merchants while they wait for the ferry
  • Bicycle parking in the Tracy Way lot is free for all children 12 and under
  • Bicycle parking in the Tracy Way lot is free for Sausalito and Marin County residents with ID

Free Bicycle Parking Areas

  • For tourists, free bicycle parking is available in unattended parking areas adjacent to downtown, like the bike parking area at the north end of Public Parking Lot #3
  • For residents of Sausalito and Marin County with ID, free bicycle parking is also available in the Tracy Way lot in downtown Sausalito

Only Park in Designated Bicycle Parking Areas

  • The Sausalito Police Department encourages residents and visitors to refrain from parking bicycles anywhere downtown other than designated bike parking areas or fixed bicycle racks
  • Sausalito City Ordinance No. 1222 authorizes the City to impound improperly parked bicycles and to charge a $25 impound release fee
  • Downtown bicycle parking enforcement hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


  • If you have questions about Sausalito's Bike Parking and Congestion Management Program please contact Lieutenant Stacie Gregory at (415) 289-4188 or

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