General Parking Regulations

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About General Parking Regulations

  • General parking information and regulations enforced within the City of Sausalito may be found below
    • This is not a complete list and the content is subject to change
  • For more information, or to request clarification on a regulation, please call the Sausalito Parking Authority at (415) 289-4116 or email

Street Parking Regulations

  • These regulations apply mainly to vehicles parked on City streets:

72 Hour Parking Restriction

  • A vehicle may not be parked without moving on any City street or public parking area for longer than 72 continuous hours
  • Vehicles parked without moving in excess of 72 hours are subject to citation and/or being towed
  • This restriction does not apply to vehicles parked on private property
  • Displaying a valid California DP placard, DP license plate, or DV license plate does not exempt a vehicle from this 72-hour restriction
  • The Sausalito Police Department does not grant exemptions for the 72-hour parking restriction

Time Limit Restrictions

  • Green Zones generally provide short-term free parking; look for signs indicating time limits and hours of enforcement
  • Metered parking is found mostly in the downtown Sausalito area and is limited to three hours, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every day
  • Area permit zones generally allow two hours of free parking during the day; look for signs indicating enforced hours, as well as additional restrictions for evening hours
  • RV are limited to eight hours without moving when parked on City streets; at no time may RVs be inhabited within Sausalito City Limits
  • Boat and boat trailer parking is prohibited in some areas of Sausalito, other areas restrict boat and boat trailer parking to one hour

Other Parking Regulations

  • No Parking Zones: these areas are generally indicated by a red curb; however, the curb may not be readily visible or painted - look for any regulatory signage when you park
  • Park Within 18" of a Curb: your vehicle may be cited for blocking a lane of traffic if you exceed this distance from the curb
  • Do Not Block Driveways or Crosswalks: your vehicle may be cited and/or towed if you park blocking a driveway or crosswalk
  • Park Within 'T' Markings: if there are marking indicating a parking space, or spaces, you must park within those markings, or your vehicle may be cited for improper parking
  • Parked Facing Wrong Way: park with the flow of traffic on that side of the roadway, otherwise you may be cited for parking the wrong way

Off-Street Parking Regulations

  • These regulations generally apply to parking in/on off-street public parking areas:

72 Hour Parking Restriction

Payment May Be Required

  • Public parking areas may require payment, look for signs detailing hours of enforcement and parking rates when you enter an off-street public parking area


Disabled Person/Veteran Placards & Plates

  • If you have a valid California DP placard, DP license plates, or DV license plates, you may:
    • Park in any limited time parking area in excess of the posted time limit
    • Park at any metered space at no charge, including off-street public parking lots
    • Park in an area indicated as resident permit parking only
    • Out-of-state and out-of-country placards and plates are also honored, so long as they are current
  • DP/DV placards and plates do not exclude you from certain parking restrictions, including No Parking Zones or the 72-hour parking restriction

Temporary Parking Permits

  • The Sausalito Parking Authority may issue temporary parking permits that may allow exceptions to the general parking regulations listed above, including:
    • Parking a moving truck/van in a regulated or restricted area
    • Parking a guest's vehicle in a residential permit area
    • Reserving parking in a metered zone or public parking area (may require a fee)
  • Contractor Parking and no parking signs for City-permitted work may be obtained through the Department of Public Works by calling (415) 289-4106

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