Citizen's Police Academy

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About the Citizen's Police Academy

  • Once a year the Sausalito Police Department conducts its own Citizen’s Police Academy, designed to provide an inside look at how the department operates
  • The academy runs for eight consecutive Wednesdays evenings, from 7:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m., and is open to people who live or work in Sausalito
  • Academy classes focus on a host of topics including:
    • Use of force
    • Drug recognition
    • DUI investigation
    • Officer safety
    • Laws of arrest
    • An entire class is spent at the Southern Marin Fire Protection District featuring a question and answer period about the services they provide, along with a tour of their building and equipment
  • All class participants are given the opportunity to go on two ride-alongs with an officer, one with the night shift and another with the day shift, which provides a great opportunity to get to know the police officers in your town on a personal basis
  • The Citizen's Police Academy is a requirement for individuals interested in joining the Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS)
  • The police department has gained some very dear friends through contacts made in the academy

How To Apply

Sausalito Police Department
C/O Sergeant Jason McConnehey
29 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA 94965

  • Anyone interested in attending the next Sausalito Citizen’s Police Academy should contact Sergeant Jason McConnehey at (415) 289-4181 or

Graduate Testimonials

  • "Participating in the Citizen’s Academy gave me a real feel for what police officer’s do and the challenges they face on a daily basis. After the experience it inspired me to initiate the Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS) program in order to provide on-going support to the department."
    Chris Gallagher, one of the first citizen’s to go through the Citizen’s Police Academy

  • "I found the Citizens Police Academy Classes overall very informative and interesting. The funniest were two that stand out in my memory. The first one, when the request came for a classmate to show up drunk at the next class! At the next class she was picked up by the police from her home after having been given plenty of her favorite beer, which she had consumed all day prior to the class. In class we were shown how one can tell by the suspect's eye movement if the person is drunk. We were shown the different procedures the police use in determining that a person is drunk and thanks to the good sport we had very informative hands on performance. The second hilarious class was when we all went to the shooting range in San Rafael. For some reason the aim of the women was less accurate than that of the men and all the male classmates would double over in mock agony, whenever a woman raised the gun to the level of the heart, but shot well below the region."
    Titia Henneyman, reflecting on her experience in the academy

  • “The Sausalito Citizens Police Academy provides the opportunity to see first-hand the intensity and dedication which our police officers apply on our behalf, every hour, every day. To have a glimpse into their high-intensity, very demanding world for even a few weeks' time was awesome and inspiring, and truly a privilege. Sausalito citizens should "grab the brass ring" offered to them here. It's a win-win situation."
    Karin Williams, a long term Sausalito resident, participated in the academy class and is now a very active member of the VIPS


  • Questions about the Citizen's Police Academy may be directed to Sergeant Jason McConnehey at (415) 289-4181 or