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Notice: Fingerprint / Livescan Services Temporarily Suspended

Due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus the Sausalito Police Department has temporarily suspended fingerprint & live scan services while the County's Public Health Order is in effect.

About Fingerprint / Live Scan Services

  • The Sausalito Police Department offers Fingerprint / Live Scan services. Live Scan is the process used to digitally obtain and transmit fingerprints
  • Given the quality and efficiency of the Live Scan process, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) stopped accepting ink cards as of June 2005
  • Once fingerprints are digitally obtained, they are transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as needed
    • The DOJ and FBI will evaluate the prints and transmit the results to the requesting agency within 3 to 14 days
    • If after 14 days the requesting agency has not received results, please contact the Department of Justice at (916) 227-3835

What You Need for a Live Scan

  • The requesting agency should provide the triplicate Live Scan Request form (or three copies) to each applicant
  • The requesting agency is responsible for completing the section relating to agency information including the agency billing number for the DOJ and FBI fees
  • A billing number is required for the Sausalito Police Department to process your Live Scan
    • Without a billing number, the Sausalito Police Department cannot process your request
    • A billing number will be provided to you at the time the agency or potential employer requests the Live Scan
    • The Sausalito Police Department does not provide billing numbers, you will have to choose a different location to have the Live Scan request processed
  • The applicant should bring the following to their scheduled appointment:
    • Completed Live Scan Request form(s)
    • A valid United States issued photo Identification card
    • Bring a form of payment for the rolling fee (cash, check, or credit card)
  • To ensure the safety of everyone and the efficiency of the Live Scan services we ask for compliance on the following:
    • Be on time, late appointments will be asked to reschedule
    • We cannot print individuals with open wounds or sores on their fingers, reschedule once healed
    • Perfume, lotion, or oil-based products should not be worn the day of the appointment
    • All cell phones and non-medical related electronic devices should be turned off prior to entering our facilities
    • Pets and nonessential individuals should not attend an applicant’s appointment

Fees and Payment

  • A rolling fee of $50 must be paid to the City of Sausalito at the time of printing
  • Actual fingerprint processing fees are determined by the DOJ and FBI and paid directly to those agencies by the requesting agency

Location and Appointments

  • The Sausalito Police Department provides Live Scan services by appointment only
  • Please call (415) 289-4100 ext. 666 to schedule an appointment

More Information


  • Questions regarding fingerprint/Live Scan services may be directed to the Sausalito Police Department at (415) 289-4170