Disabled Access Complaints

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About Disabled Access Complaints

  • The purpose of these procedures is to provide affected parties with a convenient method to report alleged violations of disability access regulations in Sausalito, and to establish a process for promptly investigating and resolving alleged violations of state disabled access regulations in:
    • Public Projects – Buildings, structures, sidewalks, curbs and related facilities which are owned or leased by the City of Sausalito or that are constructed or altered with City funds
    • Private Projects – Privately-owned public accommodations or commercial facilities (open to the public) which are not publicly funded or multi-family housing
  • The City of Sausalito ADA Coordinator is Public Works Director Kevin McGowan:
    • Address: 420 Litho Street, Sausalito, CA, 94965 
    • Email: kmcgowan@sausalito.gov
    • Phone: (415) 289-4176 
    • Fax: (415) 339-2256

How to File a Complaint Regarding Inadequate Disabled Access 

  • Download and complete an Inadequate Disabled Access form
  • The form is also available at the Community Development Department public counter in Sausalito City Hall at 420 Litho Street
  • The completed form may be submitted in person to the Community Development Department public counter, emailed to kmcgowan@sausalito.gov, sent by US mail, or faxed to (415) 339-2256
  • Assistance with completing for complaint form is available for persons with disabilities; if you need assistance, please call  (415) 289-4176
  • Filing a complaint form prompts an investigation with set timelines for review and response 
  • When the investigation is complete, the complainant will be informed of the outcome 
  • Download Disability Access Complaint Procedures for more information about filing a complaint