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About eTRAKiT

How to Create an Account

There are two account types available in eTRAKiT:

  • Public Account: Homeowners and Residents of Sausalito
  • Professional Account: Contractors, Design Professionals, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Owner/Builders, Public Utilities.

    Architects  mlockett@sausalito.gov
    Contractors and Owner/Builders  mlockett@sausalito.gov
    Designers and Business Owners  mlockett@sausalito.gov
    Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Public Utilities  bho@sausalito.gov


    • In your email, please make sure to head the email as "AEC Record Request".
    • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation from City Staff with directions on how to finish your Professional Account set up in eTRAKiT. Each company, agency, and/or firm will be assigned one username and login to be used by all employees.

    • Please allow at least 24 hours for staff to process emailed requests. Staff process requests on business days only.

How to Apply for an eTRAKiT Permit or Project

Before applying for a permit or project, please ensure that you are registered first for a Professional Account with the City of Sausalito.

Please select the following permit or project available in eTRAKiT below for directions and information on how to apply.

Forms and Documents for eTRAKiT

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the step-by-step guides on:

Please contact eTRAKiT Administration at trakitadmin@sausalito.gov with any questions or concerns.