Green Waste

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About Green Waste

  • Green waste and compost are picked up on your normal garbage day
  • Green waste consists of food scraps, soiled paper, plant material, and yard waste
  • Do not place pet litter or waste, dirt, rocks, hazardous waste, plastic bags, or construction materials in the green bin
  • You may put an unlimited amount of yard waste at the curbside
  • For your green waste, you can use your green bin, or reusable 30-gallon paper bags available at hardware stores, or set the waste on a tarp
  • Plastic bags are not accepted, since they are difficult to empty and cannot be sent to the composting process.
  • No rocks or soil please
  • If you have a lot of green waste, please separate it into manageable portions for the waste collectors who will be loading it onto their trucks
  • Small pieces of lumber may also be placed in the green bin (no nails or pressure-treated lumber)