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Sausalito Map

About Us

The City of Sausalito is located in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and was incorporated on September 4, 1893. The City of Sausalito is 2.257 square miles in area and is home to 7,100 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2018).

Mission Statement

The City of Sausalito serves its people and promotes creativity in its unique waterfront community.

Vision Statement

Sausalito will bring together its residents, commerce and visitors to create a thriving, safe, friendly community that cultivates its natural beauty, history, the arts, and waterfront culture.

Core Values

  • Innovation, creativity, and informed risk taking
  • Honest and open government
  • Creating an environment where people excel to their full potential
  • Professionalism
  • A sense of community
  • Quality public service
  • Espirit d’corps

City Services

  • PoliceThe Sausalito Police Department provides a full range of services to the community through two divisions, Administration and Operations. These divisions work together to enhance safety, quality of life, and community trust. The dedicated men, women, and volunteers of the Sausalito Police Department devote their time and effort to help make the City of Sausalito a safe place to live, work, and play.

  • Public Library: The Sausalito Public Library is located at 420 Litho Street in the City Hall building off Caledonia Street. The Library is open seven days a week and provides comfortable seating, public internet stations, free Wi-Fi for laptop users, story times and special programs for children, evening lectures and discussion groups for adults, and large collections of books and other materials for adults and children. The Library is a member of the MARINet consortium of libraries in Marin County.

  • Community Development: The Community Development Department consists of a Planning Division and a Building Division. The Planning Division processes applications for discretionary planning permits for development projects proposed by private individuals and undertakes the preparation of advanced planning projects such as plan and ordinance amendments. The division provides staff support for the Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission, as well as the City Council. Additionally, the Code Enforcement Officer enforces the City's development regulations and permit conditions. The Building Division ensures that private and public construction projects comply with California construction codes. Building Division employees also provide information to the public on compliance with construction codes.

  • Public Works: The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the design, construction, management, and maintenance of the City's infrastructure, including streets, trees, sidewalks, stairs, steps, pathways, parking lots, parks, creeks (in public easements or public rights-of-way), shorelines, sewers and storm drains, buildings and structures, vehicles and equipment, street lights, and traffic signals. In addition, we facilitate environmental compliance, sustainability, protection of trees, and floodplain administration. The Department of Public Works is a key responding agency in emergencies involving our infrastructure, as well as weather emergencies and other disasters with the potential for adverse impacts on public health or the environment.

  • Parks and Recreation: The Sausalito Parks and Recreation Department's mission is to provide quality programs to Sausalito and its community that enhance growth, expression, and recreation through people, parks, and programs. Each quarter, the Department publishes the Sausalito and Its Community magazine, which lists youth, adult, and senior classes,  as well as events that the department is producing during the quarter. The department averages 50-60 classes per quarter, many with multiple sessions, and produces over 25 special events per year.

  • Finance: The Finance Department is responsible for administering the financial affairs of the City. Financial administration consists of accounting for the collection and disbursement of all moneys, investing idle funds, and budgetary management.

  • City Clerk: The City Clerk serves as the clerk to the City Council, maintaining the official records of the City of Sausalito and providing information and services to the public. The City Clerk is the historian for the City, keeping minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and all other official actions taken by the Council.

  • Human Resources: Human Resources activities consist of conducting recruitments for job openings, establishing and interpreting human resources policies, and administering benefits and workers' compensation claims.

  • Information Technology: The Information Technology Division's mission is to provide and manage technological solutions for communications and data management, as well as to provide accurate, timely, and professional customer support to City staff. The Information Technology Division is responsible for all network connectivity and security, and for using emerging technologies to improve workforce efficiency and government transparency.

  • Fire Department: On June 26, 2012, the City of Sausalito Fire Department was annexed into the Southern Marin Fire Protection District, an independent special district established by the Marin County Board of Supervisors in July of 1999. The Southern Marin Fire Protection District provides fire and paramedic services to Sausalito from the Fire Station at 333 Johnson Street.