Planning Permits

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About Planning Permits

  • A planning permit is required for almost all exterior changes to any residential, commercial or industrial building in the City of Sausalito
  • The purpose of a planning permit is to ensure that the proposed exterior change complies with city codes and will be architecturally compatible with the existing site and the surrounding area
  • Exterior changes include fences, decks, windows, doors, room additions, trellises, patio covers, and gazebos
  • A permit is usually required whether the exterior change involves new construction or replacement
  • Please contact a planner if you are not sure what form or forms are required to process your request

Forms and Requirements


Appeal Forms

New Businesses

  • Occupational Use Permit. If you are operating a business in Sausalito, you must first obtain Zoning approval. Use this form if you plan on operating a business in Sausalito
  • Business License Application. You must first obtain Zoning approval before applying for a City Business License; use this form if you are or will begin conducting business in Sausalito

Other Materials

The Planning Department may request that you provide supplemental information if applicable to your application or request. The following forms are available for you to complete.