Disaster Preparedness

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About Disaster Preparedness in Sausalito

  • The Sausalito Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Operations Program has the major responsibility of preparing the City of Sausalito for disasters, and has provided disaster preparedness information and training to all City departments as well as citizens’ groups that have requested assistance
  • The Director of Emergency Services and the Emergency Services Manager are the main contacts and conduit for Emergency Management information to other city, county and state agencies
  • The program provides representatives to the Office of Emergency Services Coordinators and the Marin County Emergency Service Mangers/Coordinators meetings
  • The City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated during extraordinary emergencies and disasters
  • The Emergency Staff is made up of City personnel who act as section chiefs and are supported by City staff
  • The primary duties are to plan and coordinate all response and recovery operations utilizing the Incident Command System

Disaster Preparedness Information Resources

Community Safety/Disaster Preparedness Committee

Types of Disasters

  • Disasters, both small and large, seldom give warning and are always equally devastating to their victims
  • There are many different kinds of disasters that may strike us in Sausalito, including:
    • Earthquakes
    • Mudslides
    • Wildfire
    • Floods
    • Fires
    • Airplane crashes
    • Chemical spills
    • Pipeline leaks
    • Among others
  • The City of Sausalito has developed plans regarding such emergencies, but are you prepared to handle all kinds of disasters?
  • The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act - prepare now for a sudden disaster or emergency
    • Learn how to protect yourself and handle a disaster by planning ahead
    • Discuss all ideas with your family, and then prepare an emergency plan
    • Make sure everyone in your family is well versed in the plan and that the plan is kept in a readily accessible area.
  • To learn more please contact the City’s Emergency Services Manager, Captain William R. Fraass by email at bfraass@sausalito.gov or by calling (415) 289-4171

Community Emergency Response Training

  • Visit Ready Marin for more information on Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training

Request a Public Meeting

  • Neighborhood groups, citizen groups, community organizations, and business organizations can arrange to meet with the City of Sausalito’s Emergency Services Manager to discuss the City’s Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Operations program, as well as learn about what citizens and groups can do to prepare themselves for disasters
  • To arrange a meeting, please contact the City’s Emergency Services Manager, Captain William R. Fraass by email at bfraass@sausalito.gov or by calling (415) 289-4171

Important Contact Information

  • Emergency Services: dial 9-1-1
    • Police or Fire Responses from your landline or cell phone
  • Non-Emergency Police Services (24/7): (415) 289-4170
    • General Police Services, Responses or Reporting Crimes not in-progress
  • Non-Emergency Fire Services: (415) 388-8182
    • For General Fire Service Business and Fire Staff contacts
  • Power outages: Contact PG&E at (800) 743-5002
    • Call to receive updates about the power outage situation in Sausalito or to report one in your area